For Health & Beauty

It's essential for us to have abundant knowledge and a solid eye for creating products that become must-haves.

For instance, take additive-free cosmetics. When we think about skin, we know that additives are unnecessary. However, additive-free cosmetics tend not to be suitable for long-term storage, and given their delicateness, present a challenge for mass-production. On the other hand, we have reacted swiftly to customers' demand for these kinds of cosmetics and since our sales system can generate additional forecasting, from which we produce just the right amount of product, we can offer fresh, additive-free goods enjoyed by our customers. Since expenses and distribution costs are kept to a minimum, it's possible for us to offer these high-quality products at reasonable prices.

We will continue working hard in order to offer the satisfaction that comes from "Beauty and Health" products.

Original Brand

Prices and products that fit customers' wants

Established as Plantex Co., Ltd. in 1986, our company changed its name in 1991 to Magical Incorporated, and has since been expanding business in the mail-ordering market and online sales.

Since our inception, we have been engaged in the development and sale of original health and beauty products. Long-sellers such as No. 3 White Skin Pure and bust-care product Up'll-C, both developed during our era as Plantex, have continued to see excellent sales and devoted customers for over 28 years, and have complemented Magical's flagship product, Rien Pipe.

We understand that customers understand the real value of products most. Listening to our customers' voices, under the motto of "Developing new products to answer customers' wants," we are constantly pursuing the valuable creations that people desire.


Pride in being the "Only One"

Magical Corporation has secured many patented brand names, design rights, and industrial property rights.

The copyrights and registered trademarks described below are the property of Magical Corporation unless otherwise indicated. With respect to the handling and use of the following, we ask that interested parties request our formal permission in advance in writing prior to any re-use, copy, or redistribution.


Product Name Category Utility model registration number
Rien Pipe Smoking cessation pipe 3142152
Ra's Cap Hair growth device 3157933

Utility model rights

Product Name Invention Name Publication number
Rien Pipe Rien System 2005-192549


Product Name Trademark Registration number
Rien Pipe 5089755
Rien Pipe 5126211
Up'll-C 4297923
Up'll-C 4769919
Up'll-D 4769920
Up'll Bra 4706871
Bust Up'll Diet バストあっぷるダイエット 5679958
Bust Up'll Diet バストup'llダイエット 5679959
Ra's Gear ラーズ 5344273
Ra's Gear Ra's Gear 5344274
Ra's Gear Ra's 5344275
Ra's Gear Ra's gear 5344276
Hakkantou Hakkantou 5548450
Hakkantou Sun Hakkantou 5643106
Hakkantou Moon Hakkantou 5548449
Magical Manna Magical Manna 5346089
Magical Manna MAGICAL MANNA 5346090
Magical Shapey 5648962
Magical D-1 Magical D-1 5648970
Tourmaline Gold 5517803
Po-Neck 4945586

Trademarks - International

Product Name Country Product Registration Number
Up'll-C China UP'LL-BC 10988011
Up'll-C China UP'LL-CD 10988012
Up'll-C China 悠柏露 12040320
Up'll-C Korea up'll 40-1047444호
Up'll-C Korea 업플 40-1047445호

Design Rights - International

Product Name Country Product Name Registration Number
Rien Pipe China Rien Pipe ZL200830251195. 2
Rien Pipe China Rien Pipe ZL200830251195. 7
Rien Pipe Korea Rien Pipe 518024
Rien Pipe Korea Rien Pipe 518024 1

Business Overseas

A brand loved by the world

Magical not only contributes to the "health and beauty" of people in Japan, but around the world as well, and is actively promoting business overseas.

Our smoking cessation program Rien Pipe is currently being sold in several countries including Korea, China, Taiwan, America, Canada, Spain, while natural breast enlargement Up'll-C has become a huge hit in Korea.

With Rien Pipe as our showcase item, we aim to expand sales to additional overseas markets including Germany and the UK, while developing deep relationships with trading partners around the world.

Rien Pipe - Overseas Websites

■ English Website
■ English Facebook
■ German Website
■ China
■ Korea
(Korean Representative: Shoona)
■ Spain
(Spain Representative: Japan Health)