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Since our founding in 1991, we have been engaged in the development and sales of cosmetics, health foods and beauty and health products. For helping our customers become healthier and more beautiful every day, we don't aim to create products that get explosive short-term sales, but rather products that become long-time sellers with a loyal following. While listening to and onboarding customer feedback directly, we are committed to making goods that are "really worth making."

And as the mail-order market continues to grow and expand online, so too does the flood of goods and information available. We are committed to providing accurate information and advertisements to ensure that customers are able to trust in both our brand and in our products.

Based on this unchanging foundation, we will continue to develop and sell products sincerely enjoyed by our many customers both in Japan and overseas.

Magical Inc.
CEO Tadashi Nukaga

Company Profile

Company Name Magical Corporation
President and Representative Director Tadashi Nukaga
Address 3-3-1 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0075 Japan
TEL: (+81) 3-3365-0011
FAX: (+81) 3-3365-6374
Established 10 April 1991 (1986: Plantex, Co. Ltd. established)
Capital 56 Million Yen
Business Hours 10:00AM - 6:00PM (JST)
Holidays Saturday, Sunday, National Holidays, Year End, Summer Holidays
Business Activities
  • Manufacture and sale of daily goods
  • Manufacture and sale of cosmetics and health foods
  • Manufacture and sale of health & beauty equipment
  • Manufacture and sales of medical instruments
  • Restaurant planning and management
  • Sale & development of system software
Main Banks
  • Tokyo credit union Takadanobaba Branch
  • Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Takadanobaba Branch
  • Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Takadanobaba Branch
Main Business Clients
  • Tokyu Hands, Inc.
  • Hayashi Shoji Co., Ltd.

Corporate History

1986 Plantex Corporation established. Started developing and manufacturing products designed mainly for mail-order sale.
1987 Hawaiian branch office "Ad-lib Hawaii" was opened.
1988 Magical Cosmetics series developed and launched, with signature product "Magical No.3." Developed and launched our health food series.
1991 Magical, Inc. was incorporated after 2 of our sections – Magical Cosmetics and Magical Food separated.
1994 Opened our dining bar Shara in Takadanobaba, central Tokyo, which specializes in the finest brands of Japanese rice wine saké, as well as other liquor brands sold nationwide.
1997 Now a long-selling beauty care item, Up'll C (natural breast enlargment system) was developed and released. Tourmaline cosmetics series launched.
1998 Sleep quality improving device Rem Sonar launched.
Bust care supplement Up'll-Aid launched.
1999 Development and sale of our mail-order management software Tsuhan Master.
2001 Rien Pipe research and development
2002 Rien Pipe patented
2003 Rien Pipe smoking cessation products launched
2006 NPO Rien Association established
2007 All-in-one gel Chanty sales start
2010 Low-dose radiation aging care series Ra's Gear developed and launched. 100% natural skin cream Magical Shea Butter launched.
2012 Tourmaline Gold - a beauty cream containing natural tourmaline and pure gold - launched. A supplement containing 8 rare Chinese medicinal herbs, Hakkantou, also launched.
2013 Easy green smoothie Shapey launched. Petit fasting diet system Magical D-1 launched.
2014 Official online shop Magical Online opens.
2014 Wrinkle smoother Syun launched. Magical No.3 renewed.
2015 Easy-to-drink and delicious health food Sobayu - containing rutin - launched. Rien Ripe renewal, making two new sizes available (GR and GS). Up'll Bra renewed and launched.
2016 Bust care supplement Up'll Aid Premium launched.

Business Overview

Mail-order business

Since its inception, in order to deliver superb products with value to customers, Magical has consistently expanded around its core mail-order business. As it is possible to generate high-accuracy sales forecasts through our bespoke mail order system "O-Tsuuhan," we can set an appropriate production amount for products, saving on extra labor costs and margins, in return saving customers money. By producing and selling high-quality products at reasonable prices, we are able to earn our customers' patronage and trust.

Restaurant business

"Shara" - Long-established Japanese izakaya in Takadanobaba, Tokyo

Under the banner of "peace of mind, safety, and freshness," Shara is a casual space where people can come and relax while enjoying food. Using carefully selected ingredients, the talented chefs serve over 100 different types of dishes, from standard izakaya food to creative cuisine. In addition, 50+ kinds of sake and 30+ types of shochu - all of which are meticulously chosen - are on offer. To many of our customers, good food cheaply, and we continue to challenge every day to be able to deliver in a good environment.

Social Contributions

Rien Association (NPO)

Working toward the realization of a bright and healthy society with fewer smokers, RienA supports a variety of activities for smokers, such as providing information on smoking cessation and on the health problems caused by tobacco. It also focuses on providing educational activities to young people. Each year, RienA members participate in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's tobacco cleanup activities, engaging primarily with the non-smoking movement and cleanup activities in Takadanobaba, Shinjuku. It publishes a free paper quarterly, introducing the voice and experiences of joy of those who quit tobacco.